11 December 2015

Show them where you’re from: a trip round Darkstar’s Foam Island

When future historians come to make sense of our peculiarly disappointed moment (and good luck to them), some will no doubt wonder where the anger was. Every decade of the 20th century had its Marx-quoting middle classes and placard-bearers hailing the imminent end of capitalism. But recent political events have


02 December 2015

Repeater playlist #4 – female Japanese artists of the 80s & 90s

“In putting together a brief playlist of Japanese female musicians of the 80s/90s I was surprised to discover that one of them, in fact, wasn’t a woman. Nonetheless I decided to include them simply because their work is so good. Susan appears twice, as do Midori Takada and Ichiko Hashimoto as


24 November 2015

Where next for capitalism?

Dawn Foster reviews Paul Mason & Matt Ridley Is the rise of technology strengthening capitalism or tearing it down? Dawn Foster reviews two new books – PostCapitalism, by Paul Mason and The Evolution of Everything, by Matt Ridley. This piece is from the Winter 2015 issue of New Humanist magazine, which


11 November 2015

Mordor, Helmand, Brisbane Road: Football’s New Rhetoric of Ordeal

There was a point about four or five years ago, a point I’m not bothered about confirming archivally but which nonetheless definitely occurred, at which football clubs almost uniformly, if you’ll allow the pun, changed the way that they marketed their new kits. Not so long ago, you’d have found


05 November 2015

Postdubstep to postcapitalism – further reading from the Long Progress Bar

The November Lighthouse Arts Progress Bar happens tonight in Brighton, featuring Repeater faves Claire Tolan and PAN founder Bill Kouligas We went down to Brighton last month for the Long Progress Bar – a two day version of the monthly event, and a ‘festival of radical imagination’ featuring talks, workshops and performances from artists, activist, musicians,


27 October 2015

Always the Ramsay MacDonalds: Lessons from 1931 for Labour today

On September 13th 2015 at a packed TUC fringe event at the Brighton Corn Exchange, ex-Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis delivered a stirring speech on how the Syriza government had been undermined by the EU’s financial institutions and what this portended for a future Labour government led by Jeremy Corbyn.