Forthcoming Repeater titles 2016

It’s our birthday: Repeater started a year ago. For a publisher we had an abrupt beginning, coming into the world suddenly, without a great degree of planning or forethought, and crucially, without any authors or books. In the last year your goodwill and ongoing interest has helped keep us going, along with the hard work of our copy editors, proof readers, a type setter, designer, production editor, publicist and the support of our parent company, Watkins Media. A publisher that isn’t releasing books is a strange and sometimes frustrating oxymoron to be part of, and I am pleased to say that our behind the scenes work is now ready to go overground: our first releases will be in the shops on January 21st 2016, with eleven more books to follow over the next six months (details below). We currently have forty two authors under contract, all of whom show tell-tale signs of being possessed by genius and who will, at the very least, vindicate our work and your curiosity, in the years to come. Thank you again for the last twelve months. – Tariq Goddard 

January 2016 


 Dawn Foster – Lean Out – a powerful call for a more inclusive feminism in an age of austerity. Preorder now.

MKL Murphy – The Isle of Minimus. A highly original and darkly comic novel in one sentence – Hercule, a disgraced dwarf entertainer,  emerges after years in isolation to lead a violent revolt in Las Vegas. Preorder now. 

March 2016


Steven Shaviro – Discognition. A philosophical exploration of ideas of consciousness through science fiction narratives. Preorder now.


April 2016 


Christiana Spens – Shooting Hipsters: Rethinking Dissent in the Age of PR. A study of the ways in which publicity has helped and hindered a wide range of political movements, and how dissenting groups can thrive and survive in a media-saturated age. Preorder now. 

Mark Perryman (ed) – 1966 & Not All That.  A collection of critical analysis and peoples’ history of the 1966 World Cup, with an all-star squad of contributors. Preorder now.

Lavie Tidhar & Shimon Adaf – Art & War: Poetry, Pulp & Politics in Israeli Fiction. A searching exploration of what it means to be a fiction writer in contemporary Israel, by two of its most subversive voices. Preorder now. 

May 2016 


Carl Neville – Resolution Way.  In a dystopian present-day London, three generation’s lives are transformed searching for a lost manuscript in this bleakly satirical novel set in austerity Britain. Preorder now.

Dipika Mukherjee – Ode to Broken Things. A powerful political thriller set in contemporary Malaysia. Preorder now. 

Johanna Isaacson – The Ballerina and the Bull: Anarchist Utopias in the Age of Finance. Explores the occult history of US punk, hardcore, queercore, and riot grrrl, DIY culture, and alternative subcultures to trace a new politics of “expressive negation”. Preorder now.

June 2016


JD Taylor – Island Story: Journeys Through Unfamiliar Britain. A unique A travelogue charting the socio-political state of modern Britain through conversations with its inhabitants. Preorder now.

Adrian Nathan West – The Aesthetics of DegradationA studied, ruthless and personal examination of the place of pornography in contemporary life. Preorder now.


All titles will be simultaneously released in paperback and ebook.