Repeater Books is dedicated to the creation of a new reality. The landscape of twenty-first-century arts and letters is faded and inert, riven by fashionable cynicism, egotistical self-reference and a nostalgia for the recent past. Repeater intends to add its voice to those movements that wish to enter history and assert control over its currents, gathering together scattered and isolated voices with those who have already called for an escape from Capitalist Realism. Our desire is to publish in every sphere and genre, combining vigorous dissent and a pragmatic willingness to succeed where messianic abstraction and quiescent co-option have stalled: abstention is not an option: we are alive and we don’t agree.

Some information about the people behind Repeater:

Tariq Goddard 
is the publisher of Repeater. Originally from London, he is the author of six novels, and now lives on a farm in Wiltshire with his wife and children.

Etan Ilfeld 
is the owner and managing director of Watkins Media.

Josh Turner
is an editor, writer and musician based in Falmouth, Cornwall. He has an MA in Critical and Cultural Studies from Birkbeck College, University of London and plays music in the BV’s.

Michael Watson is a publicist based in London. He worked in public history and adult education before making the change to publishing, working at Granta and Verso Books before joining Repeater.

Jonathan Maunder 
worked in publishing and bookselling in London from 2007-17, before moving to Chicago for love. He has written for the Chicago Review of Books and the Guardian, and is involved with progressive political campaigns in Chicago.

Olivia Richardson olivia.richardson@watkinspublishing.com

Johnny Bull

Phil Jourdan is the author of Praise of MotherhoodJohn Gardner: A Tiny Eulogy and What Precision, Such Restraint. He is editor at Angry Robot and a co-founder of LitReactor.

Matteo Mandarini
 was educated formally in England (UCL and Warwick, studying Philosophy) and politically in Italy. He currently plies his trade as a Marxist Lecturer in Strategy in the School of Business and Management at Queen Mary, University of London.

Alex Niven is Lecturer in English Literature at Newcastle University and the author of Folk OppositionDefinitely Maybe and The Last Tape.

Tamar Shlaim is a publicist and editor based in London. She also manages a band, flies+flies, and runs a small record label, Precious Snowflake Records.

Repeater Books was founded in 2014 by Mark Fisher, Tariq Goddard, Etan Ilfeld, Phil Jourdan, Matteo Mandarini, Alex Niven and Tamar Shlaim.