Art and War

Poetry, pulp and politics in Israeli fiction

Lavie Tidhar & Shimon Adaf

art of war single pageShimon Adaf and Lavie Tidhar are two of Israel’s most subversive and politically outspoken writers. Growing up on opposite sides of the Israeli spectrum – Tidhar in the north of Israel in the Zionist, socialist Kibbutz; Adaf from a family of religious Mizrahi Jews living in Sderot – the two nevertheless shared a love of books, and were especially drawn to the strange visions and outrageous sensibilities of the science fiction that was available in Hebrew. Here, they engage in a dialogue that covers their approach to writing the fantastic, as they question how to write about Israel and Palestine, about Judaism, about the Holocaust, about childhoods and their end.

Extending the conversation even into their fiction, the book contains two brand new short stories – “Tutim” by Tidhar, and “third attribute” by Adaf – in which each appears as a character in the other’s tale; simultaneously political and fantastical, they burn with an angry, despairing intensity.

Art and War will be published on 21st April 2016. Preorder now: Amazon UK / Amazon US/ B&N/ IndieBound

On Sale: April 2016
Physical Book ISBN: 9781910924044 (£8.99 UK, $14.95 US/ $15.95 CAN)
eBook ISBN: 9781910924051 (£6.90 UK, $9.99 US/ $9.95 CAN)