Island Story

Journeys Around Unfamiliar Britain

J.D. Taylor

What is life like on this island? With a tent and a rusty bike, J.D. Taylor set off to find out. See what Bill Bryson missed!

No other subject has spilt so much ink as Britain today. But whilst assuming a monopoly on national identity, a London-based elite has proven a poor forecaster of the political weather around the island.

Skeptical and inquisitive, Taylor instead cycled all round Britain, interviewing and staying with strangers from all walks of life. Without a map and travelling with the most basic of gear, the journey revels in serendipity and schadenfreude.

Island Story weaves histories, experiences and ideas to tell another kind of story: one of rebellion and retail parks, migration and inertia, pessimism and disappearing ways of life, and a fiery, unrealized desire for collective belonging and power.

Think you know the island? Island Story will make you think again.

J.D. Taylor is a researcher and charity worker from South London. You can read his blog about his travels by clicking here

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On sale: July 2016
PB ISBN: 9781910924204 (£8.99 UK/ $14.95 US/ $15.95 CAN)
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JD Taylor on his bike in Edinburgh