Shooting Hipsters

Rethinking Dissent in the Age of PR

Christiana Spens


In an age of PR, public protest and other forms of dissent have lost their meaning and impact. The intense media interest  in rioting and political violence, as well as an existing obsession with youth culture, have led to an over-saturation and misrepresentation of what these movements are about. Political protest has become a pantomime where activists are always villains, and therefore the politics of these groups are routinely ignored.

By identifying the ways in which publicity has helped and hindered a wide range of movements, Shooting Hipsters will find out the ways in which dissenting groups can thrive and survive in a media-saturated age, as well as describing the common ways that they can be undermined.

Shooting Hipsters was published on 21 April 2016. Order now: Amazon UK / Amazon US/ B&N/ IndieBound.

On Sale: April 2016
Physical Book ISBN: 9781910924167 (£8.99 UK/ $14.95 US/ $15.95 CAN)
eBook ISBN: 9781910924174 (£6.50 UK/ $9.99 US/ $9.95 CAN)

On April 15th John Tintera sat down with Christiana to record an interview about Shooting Hipsters. Click on the audio links below to get a flavor what this interesting new book is all about.