The Worst Is Yet To Come: A Post-Capitalist Survival Guide


Capitalism is committing suicide, and threatening to take us down with it. But will it give way to a grand social utopia or the beginning of a new, wifi-enabled dark age? 


The Worst Is Yet To Come explores the disturbing possibility that the current crisis of neoliberal capitalism may spawn a world that is much, much worse.


If our grandchildren are to survive the implosion of capitalism – for the chances we will are fairly slim – then a realistic picture of the nightmare to come is crucial. Only an unwavering attitude of “revolutionary pessimism” will help us to prepare accordingly. For the apocalypse will almost certainly be disappointing.



"A fascinating new book..."


"Really excellent… both terrifying and funny.”

Paul Mason

"Concise, astute, unapologetic... the book we need in these trying times."

Into the Void