Repeater Books is distributed to the trade by Bertram Books and Gardners Books.


Repeater Books is distributed to the trade by Random House Publisher’s Services. 800-733-3000.

Retail Terms of Sale
DISCOUNT: 50% Discount off cover price – Non–Returnable
Minimum First Order: $250.00 net, $500.00 retail
Minimum Reorder: $100.00 net, $200.00 retail
Freight: Free Freight, we do not drop ship
TERMS: All Books are non–returnable (damaged books are returnable for credit)
Net 60 EOM billing with credit approval
Random House may require prepayment

TO SET UP AN ACCOUNT: Please fill out a credit application and Letter of Intent, also be sure to include your state tax resale certificate. This document can be obtained here.

FAX ORDERS TO: Specialty Retail Field Sales Attn: Katelin Wahl (800) 292–9071.

TO INQUIRE ABOUT THE STATUS OF ORDERS ALREADY PLACED: Please call Customer Service at (800) 733-3000.

Although we do our best to keep our catalogs and website current and accurate, we cannot guarantee price or availability.