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Binding: Paperback

Paperback ISBN: 9781912248308

eBook ISBN: 9781912248360

Publication date: 19th February, 2019

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Ashes to Ashes: The Songs of David Bowie, 1976-2016
Chris O’Leary

From the ultimate David Bowie expert comes this exploration of the final four decades of the popstar’s musical career, covering every song he wrote, performed or produced from 1976 to 2016.

Starting with Low, the first of Bowie’s Berlin albums, and finishing with Blackstar, his final masterpiece released just days before his death in 2016, each song is annotated in depth and explored in essays that touch upon the song’s creation, production, influences and impact.

Praise for Ashes to Ashes:

“The best David Bowie writing bar none.” – Bob Stanley

“O’Leary is interested in anything the magpie genius squeezed into his songs… and he can nail a song’s mysterious power in a line.” – Dorian Lynskey, Q

“Catnip for Bowie fans… all you need and want to know about the last three decades of Bowie’s output is here.” – Tony Clayton-Lea, Irish Times

“Even ardent aficionados will enjoy O’Leary’s fresh perspectives, especially on customarily dismissed parts of Bowie’s capacious oeuvre.” – MOJO


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