Lean Out—Dawn Foster

The Isle of Minimus—MKL Murphy

Discognition—Steven Shaviro

Shooting Hipsters—Christiana Spens

Art and War—Lavie Tidhar & Shimon Adaf

1966 & Not All That—Mark Perryman (ed)

Ode to Broken Things—Dipika Mukherjee

The Ballerina and the Bull—Johanna Isaacson

Resolution Way—Carl Neville

Island Story—J.D. Taylor

The Aesthetics of DegradationAdrian Nathan West

Smile If You Dare—Ramzy Alwakeel

Games Without Frontiers—Joe Kennedy

1996 & The End of HistoryDavid Stubbs

Post-Punk Then and Now—Gavin Butt, Kodwo Eshun & Mark Fisher (ed)

Dante’s Broken Hammer—Graham Harman

The Living and the Dead—Toby Austin Locke

In Defence of Serendipity—Sebastian Olma

Specters of Revolt—Richard Gilman-Opalsky

The Psychopath Factory—Tristam Vivian Adams

Little Houses, Big Forests—Siouxzi Connor

The Weird and the Eerie—Mark Fisher

Notes From the Sick Room—Steve Finbow

Triptych—Rhian E Jones, Daniel Lukes, Larissa Wodtke

The Music of the Future—Robert Barry

Splatter Capital—Mark Steven

Filling the Void—Marcus Gilroy-Ware

The Equal Opportunities Revolution—James Heartfield

From Oran to Marseilles—Maurice El Médioni

Shard Cinema—Evan Calder Williams

Nature and Necessity—Tariq Goddard

Max—Peter Berczeller

No Less Than Mystic—John Medhurst

The Ocean Fell Into the Drop—Terence Stamp

Down with Childhood—Paul Rekret

Nincompoopolis—Douglas Murphy

Futures and Fictions—Simon O’Sullivan (ed), Henriette Gunkell (ed) and Ayesha Hameed (ed)

The Neurotic Turn—Charles Johns

Zombie University—Sinead Murphy