Say hello to Jon, our new US/Canada publicist

Say hello to Jon, our new US/Canada publicist

All of us at Repeater Books would like to welcome our new US/Canada publicist, Jon Maunder.

As an introduction to Jon, we’d like to share with you this article he wrote last year for the Chicago Review of Books on Chicago’s literary history.

In the words of Nelson Algren, Chicago “forever keeps two faces” — one of joy, and one of pain. This summer, I wanted to see where Chicago literature has grappled with those faces over the last 100 years. I wanted to explore Chicago’s literary past — on foot. The resulting list below isn’t a guide to Chicago’s “best books,” but an attempt to map the diversity of actual locations which lie behind some of the most powerful and noteworthy writing about the city.

You can read the rest of Jon’s article here.