Repeater is a publishing imprint started by the same group that founded and ran Zero Books. Its purpose is to expand upon and complete the project begun with Zero; that of bringing marginal, esoteric, idiosyncratic and necessary literature and thought into a mainstream that would otherwise ignore it. We are primarily enthusiasts who will consider and respond to all submissions on any subject or genre, irrespective of how superficially unpromising they may appear, so long as they are written with conviction, intelligence and indifference to the rewards of playing it safe.

Please allow a maximum of five weeks for a response from either the publisher or one of our editors. From there we promise an attentive and involved relationship with authors, through to publication and beyond.

8 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Ditto Shimon. I guess we will see just what ‘marginalized’ means. How does an author get considered for publication? Already be recognized by mainstream to be marginalized? :))

  2. I always liked you at Symonds, Tariq, and am happy to see you forging your own path (if that doesn’t sound too patronising!). More power to you all.

  3. What Repeater does I am very sympathetic to as a writer and debut novelist, but the lack of clarity about how this is supposed to work once one submits material is disturbing to me. Couldn’t you be a bit more up front on what your process is and how it safeguards submitted works?

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