30 July 2018

Altered Grammar: Re-reading Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four in the Time of Trump

Darren Ambrose, editor of k-punk: The Collected and Unpublished Writings of Mark Fisher (2004-2016), on Orwell, through Pynchon, in the age of Trump. There is a terrifying moment in George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four just after Winston and Julia have spent their final stolen afternoon together in the attic room of the old


30 June 2018

“Football from Below” — An extract from 1966 and Not All That

    In this edited extract from 1966 and Not All That, Sanaa Qureshi discusses the relationship between football and nationalism, and whether football can be used subversively to achieve social justice. 1966 and Not All That (paperback + free ebook and free shipping to the UK) is currently half price


28 June 2018

Football’s Coming “Home”—David Stubbs on Euro ’96, Three Lions and 90’s football lads

 This is an edited extract from David Stubb’s 1996 & the End of History– available here and currently just £4.50 including UK postage in our half price World Cup sale. 1995 may have been the year that Britpop burst through, but 1996 was the year in which it loomed largest and was


24 June 2018

The World Cup, nationalism, and authentocracy — an extract from Games Without Frontiers

In this edited extract from Games Without Frontiers, Joe Kennedy analyses the relationship between the World Cup, politics, nationalism and authentocracy. Games Without Frontiers (paperback + free ebook and free shipping to the UK) is currently half price as part of our World Cup sale. His new book Authentocrats, was published last week


20 June 2018

Tariq Goddard in conversation with Brett Anderson from Suede

Tariq Goddard, Repeater publisher and author of Nature and Necessity, had a chat with Brett Anderson from Suede as part of Radio 4’s Only Artists series, which brings two artists together to talk about their creative work. You can listen to the programme in full here.


14 June 2018

WORLD CUP SALE! 50% off our football and Russian history titles

The World Cup starts today ! ! Which means that for the next four weeks, football is going to be everywhere. Or as Joe Kennedy sums it up so well in his Games Without Frontiers: Football becomes unpleasantly ubiquitous during the World Cup… The unpleasantness is a consequence of ubiquity’s tendency