Resolution Way

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A financially comfortable but troubled young London author, Alex Hargreaves stumbles across the work of an unknown writer from the early 1990s, Vernon Crane, and presuming the missing Crane is dead, decides to pass the work off as his own.


The problem is that the novel he wishes to plagiarize has been split among Crane’s disparate and scattered group of friends, all of whom, twenty years later, are struggling with the demands of a life in a Britain in which current trends toward inequality and the concentration of political power have accelerated. Hargreave’s mission to track down Crane’s work sets in motion a series of encounters alternately tragic, redemptive and liberating and threatens to destroy Hargreaves own world in the process. Combining the best elements of a literary thriller and speculative fiction, Resolution Way is a bleakly humorous satire on contemporary Britain, a meditation on the power of the past, the forces that shape our lives and the ways in which the possibility of the miraculous still remains.



"Propelled by lean prose that sparingly flashes into a poetic or epiphanic register, Resolution Way merges elements of science fiction, political satire, thriller and ghost story; it is alternately - sometimes simultaneously - unsettling, acerbic, pacy, and eerie. Highly recommended."

Simon Reynolds

"Science fiction as it may partly be, what would strike anyone reading Resolution Way is a certain shock and surprise that someone has managed to register the experience of, and the typologies created by, inner London in the 21st century."

Owen Hatherley, Architectural Review

"A smart multi-stranded thriller, set in a terrifyingly plausible dystopian near future... all the crystal-ball chops of a William Gibson book but with far more references to 80s rave tunes."