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Nincompoopolis: The Follies of Boris Johnson
Douglas Murphy

“A passionate and well-argued demolition job.” – The Guardian

Examines the built legacy of Johnson’s tenure, from his embarrassing follies to the folly of his policies, and wonders if there’s anything that can be learned from letting someone like him have a go at one the world’s great cities.



Filling the Void: Emotion, Capitalism and Social Media
Marcus Gilroy-Ware

“… Marcus Gilroy-Ware manages to critique social media by writing around it, focusing on the society in which it takes shape” – Yohann KoshyVice




The Isle of Minimus
M K L Murphy

A neon mirage from the heart of the sandblasted Nevada wasteland, a panorama of crazed dictators, dreamy acrobats, the urban warlords of Hollywood, video game cults, rogue airshow pilots, feral tourists, minituarised landmarks, opium dens, pop art, nuclear war, architecture, music, money a story of limitless scope and spectacle.



Nature and Necessity
Tariq Goddard

“There’s a ferocious energy here that will keep you reading through to the bitter end. Goddard has reinvigorated the country house novel…” – Guardian





Resolution Way
Carl Neville

“Merges elements of science fiction, political satire, thriller and ghost story; it is alternately – sometimes simultaneously – unsettling, acerbic, pacy, and eerie. Highly recommended.” — Simon Reynolds





New People of the Flat Earth
Brian C Short

After ten years in a Zen monastery, Proteus knows it’s time to leave, and sets off in pursuit of answers.

Playful but unapologetically challenging, New People of the Flat Earth is a breathtakingly original novel that defies categorisation or summary.




Max: It Should Only Be
Peter Berczeller

It’s the 1980s. Max is a forty-something neurosurgeon with a secret: he has discovered a way to induce suicide in laboratory rats. And now he’s going to track down the band of Nazis who killed his father, and make them the first human subjects of his new technique.




Zombie University: Thinking Under Control
Sinéad Murphy

“The wholesale and disastrous marketisation of higher education [is] powerfully described by Sinéad Murphy in her book Zombie University, a right horror show.” – openDemocracy




Ode to Broken Things
Dipika Mukherjee

“It sounds like fantasy, looks like science fiction and reads like a political thriller with a literary bent.” – The Telegraph





Unholy Land: An Unconventional Guide to Israel
Ithamar Handelman-Smith

Unholy Land: An Unconventional Guide to Israel seeks dialogue with ancient lands and sacred spaces, along with modern visions of the people who inhabit them and the burgeoning contradictions of their daily lives.