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Binding: Paperback

Paperback ISBN: 9781910924181

eBook ISBN: 9781910924198

Publication date: 16th June, 2016

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The Aesthetics of Degradation
Adrian Nathan West

Collapsing distinctions beween novel, memoir and essay, The Aesthetics of Degradation transcends cliches about free expression and the demands of the market to ask: What are the moral and psychological consequences of the mercantilization of abuse?

Praise for The Aesthetics of Degradation:

“… an incitement to readers to think deeply and honestly about a question of profound social importance.” — LA Review of Books

“… not an easy or comfortable read, though it is an engrossing and fascinating one.” — Ark Books

“… a remarkable novel-cum-essay that boldly tackles this difficult field, fearlessly confronting the humiliation of women in hard-core porn as an extreme example of the commodification of cruelty.” — Times Higher Education

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