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Publication date: 15th March, 2018

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The Turkish Psychedelic Music Explosion: Anadolu Psych (1965-1980)
Daniel Spicer

In the mid-1960s, a new generation of young Turkish musicians combined Western pop music with traditional Anatolian folk to forge the home-grown phenomenon of Anadolu Pop. But that was just the beginning. Through the second half of that turbulent decade, Turkish rock warped and transformed, striking out into wilder and stranger territory – fuelled by the psychedelic revolution and played out over a backdrop of cultural, social and political turmoil.

The Turkish Psychedelic Music Explosion tells the story of a musical movement that was brought to an end by a right-wing coup in 1980, largely forgotten and only recently being rediscovered by Western crate-diggers. It’s a tale of larger-than-life musical pioneers with raging political passions and visionary ideas ripe for rediscovery.

Praise for The Turkish Psychedelic Music Explosion:

“… as a knowledgeable and thoughtful overview to a scene which is now more accessible than ever, this serves as a perfect introduction.” – The Wire

“One of the best accounts of Turkish jazz in English… stylishly written with a light touch” – JazzJournal

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