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Binding: Paperback

Paperback ISBN: 9781910924990

eBook ISBN: 9781910924907

Publication date: 19th January, 2017

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Little Houses, Big Forests (Desire Is No Light Thing)
Siouxzi Connor

The book is an invitation to get lost within varied landscapes of its pages: middle-of-nowhere Australia, the minds of Susan Sontag and W.G. Sebald, and, most prominently, the proverbial forests of all of our childhoods. There are, however, a few thematic paths to trace through these landscapes. Coming-of-age desire, our uneasy sense of self when isolated in nature and female sexuality become the mile-markers. The invitation to get lost is an invitation to come out the other side with the sense that being lost is not necessarily a state to be avoided but one in which we can occasionally luxuriate in.

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